What To Expect When Microdosing

What To Expect When Microdosing

Microdosing can help you enter a state of being “you, but on a great day.” Typically, the effects of a microdose last 4-6 hours, but many people experience a “day after” glow. In fact, some individuals find the day after more enjoyable than the actual dose day.

On dose days, a microdose’s effects are subtle yet noticeable, and shouldn’t impair your daily activities. Microdosers often report feeling more empathetic, energetic, and focused, with sharper cognitive function and heightened awareness of their surroundings, especially in nature. They may also take more time to consider their words before speaking.

On non-dose days, some individuals report a lingering introspective effect. After two days without microdosing, you should return to your baseline state.

Over time, as you continue to microdose, monitor whether your baseline state improves. Many people report broader improvements in mood, increased focus and memory, a greater inclination towards healthy living, and a heightened sense of presence and engagement in their daily lives.

Note: Use caution when microdosing in conjunction with stimulants like coffee, energy drinks, or ADHD medications.

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